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Every donation helps limit the team's loss of income while we all #StayHome

In a period expected to bring the height of the COVID-19 threat to our community of Hoboken, NJ, we have made the excruciatingly difficult decision to put all visits on pause.

Under the GCPC Coronavirus Action Plan, we have been taking every mandated and recommended precaution possible, to continue serving our community. We remain confident in the measures we have taken to keep ourselves and our extended GCPC Family safe, but as we approach the peak of the curve, we feel it’s time for each of us to do our part in staying home.

The vision of GCPC has been developing for almost 9 years. It began in 2011, as a temporary side-project for our founder, Jessica Klein. A hiatus of a different sort, post-grad school and pre-career. An opportunity to spend the summer outdoors working with dogs. For anyone who knows Jess, you know that “side-projects” are not really her thing. If she’s doing anything, she’s putting everything she has into it. 

Throughout that first summer, she realized that while she loved working with dogs, it was the relationships she was building with their parents as well that brought everything full circle. She had the opportunity to bring two of her passions together: working with people and working with dogs. A summer side-project turned into a full-time job and in time, Jess was ready to launch her own company.

Gold Coast Pet Care was officially open for business in January 2014, bringing along many of the clients Jess had already been working with for years. A few of them are still with us today after all this time!

In early 2016, Josh walked out of his office in Manhattan. He was frustrated, mentally exhausted and fed up with the advertising industry. After 11 successful years of doing what he thought he would love, he stood in Madison Square Park reflecting on his career. While he and Jess had loosely discussed the idea of continuing to build GCPC together, it had only ever felt like an exciting concept to daydream about. In that moment, however, Josh called Jess from the park, told her how he was feeling, and asked her a simple question: “Are you hiring?” He got on the PATH train to Hoboken, met up with Jess just in time to join a new client meet-and-greet, and hasn’t once regretted the decision to follow his heart.

For the past three years, Ashley, Kristin and Sol have all followed their hearts as well. As part of the GCPC team, they have worked day in and day out to care for so many fur kids as if they were their own. They are so much more than co-workers to us. They are our family.

Our team, and the entire GCPC Family are strong because we are all like-minded. Connecting the Hoboken community through our pets is not only a job for us; it’s our passion. The fact that we can each earn a living through that passion is a gift every single day.

We are each now living through an unknown period of time in which we can no longer do what we love and will no longer be earning an income. We have taken every measure we can to help offset that fact, through financial assistance programs from the state and federal government. We are hopeful that between NJ State Unemployment benefits and the two small business-focused loan programs associated with the federal CARES Act (the Economic Injury Disaster Loan + the Paycheck Protection Program loan), we will remain in a position of financial stability until we can all collectively, get back to work.

We have already applied to each of the programs. Now, like so many other small businesses around the country, all we can do is play the waiting game. We are cautiously optimistic, but the uncertainty over how much assistance we will get, if any, and when it will arrive, led us to now reach out to our extended GCPC Family for help.

Every donation, no matter how big or small, will help our team get through this period of uncertainty.

We can’t wait to give each of you a gigantic hug, to better express the gratitude and love we have for you! We will get there.

Until then…

Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Stay Strong.

We’re here for each other.

One day at a time.

-Jess, Josh, Ashley, Kristin + Sol